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Sole Treadmill Review : Sole Treadmill Reviews

Anywhere you seem to look these days you will see great reviews and feedback on the Sole Treadmills line. The F63, F80, F83 & F85 folding treadmills have been the best selling treadmills in my opinion for the past 2 years. From independent reviews to consumer feedbacks, The Sole line has grown to be a huge household name. The top Treadmill Review from the top picked treadmills.

Based on sales, performance, features and price. We have compared the 4 top sellers:

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F63Sole F63 Treadmill :

Great value for someone looking at a introductory treadmill, would not recommend doing much more then jogging on this treadmill. Little bit more simpler components then its big brothers that Sole offers.

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F80Sole F80 Treadmill:

Possibly the number one selling treadmill of all time! This machine has broken all review records and still offers the best value for your money. It has a great motor that will accommodate walking, jogging and even running! Space saving folding design, with a full programmable console!              

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F83Sole F83 Treadmill:

Basically a Sole F80 with a larger running surface, I would consider this guy if I was over 6' 2" tall and looking for something to really accommodate my stride.                                     

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F85Sole F85 Treadmill:

This is the second best seller next to the Sole F80. Not only will it give you the largest running surface, it will also come with the largest motor available between the three models and the most advanced console with hear rate graphing and feedback!                                

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Over and over the Sole Treadmills get the best reviews on the internet, the Sole F80 best buy model can be seen anywhere online and will allow you do to some research and compare the sole treadmills.